If you’re looking for support and help with creating or running a plantation, you’re on the right website. We willingly share our know-how with the planters that are about to work with berries. We are consultants in Poland and abroad, we help to create and manage the plantations so that the berries sold to the market is the highest quality, what is in the common interest of all producers.

We are open for both, small agricultures and big growers, that would like to strengthen their position on the international market or just learn the cultivation secrets. We advise in such areas as: location planning of the plantation, right berry variety choice according to the soil conditions, irrigation systems choice, proper fertilization. We often consult what to do to regenerate plantations that are in poor condition and don’t bring expected harvest. We are very involved in helping others; that’s why we encourage you to get in touch with us.

POLAND is the biggest producer  of blueberries in Europe.
Berrygroup exports to: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland, Malesia, Norway, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine.

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