producent borówki We are a dynamically developing group of producers of blueberries, established in 2011. We have been cultivating blueberries since the 1980s.

BerryGroup is made up of six experienced growers: Iwona Gurgas, Mariusz Kedzia, Mateusz Pilch, Szymon Raith, Waldemar Stempin and Andrzej Wisniewski. Our plantations are located in the western part of Poland – total 230 ha.
BerryGroup is one of the leading producers of blueberries in Poland. We are co-founders and members of the leading blueberry market in Poland – THE POLISHBERRY COOPERATIVE.
We export blueberries to over 20 countries on four continents, including, China (Hong Kong), Japan and Malaysia.

This is the best proof of the high standards of our activity and top quality of our fruit.
We have a vast experience of working with blueberries and we are ready to share it. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge by taking part in international trade events, such as blueberry congresses, conferences and fairs.


POLAND is the biggest producer  of blueberries in Europe.
Berrygroup exports to: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland, Malesia, Norway, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine.

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